Weeks really tallying up!

Wow i didnt know that President Haynie is going to be an area seventy, i guess shame on me for not listening to all the names that President Utchdorf read off :/ Either way i think that he was an awesome Stake president. I guess ill have a new stake president and probably Bishop when i get back.

I cant believe how fast these weeks are tallying up. I was just thinking the other day as we approach the end of another transfer how
next transfer i will hit my year mark as a missionary!!! Its so crazy to think that is been that long already. I hope i have learned
something in that time. Im not quite sure if i have since im around myself all the time, but i hope i have. This week was pretty cool,
mostly because of yesterday. We had a bumpy start to the week and for me i felt bad because i have all these goals to improve and it seemed like i tripped out of the gate. but dont worry it was only a slight stumble, they happen every once in awhile. The rest of the week got better and capitalized on sunday at church. We have a family which is a combination of two families from seperate marriages. The father got baptized last october and the mother and her kids were all members. yesterday the father brought his kids from a different mariage and referred them to us. Does that make sense? Either way the end result is that we are going to be having a baptism on the 30th for these two kids in the family. The daughter is 13 and the son is 9 so we are going to teach them the lessons the next two weeks and prepare to baptize them on the 30th. im pretty excited because this is going to complete this family and put them on the road to being sealed together. Its a great step. The father had a little trouble a while ago about church and stuff but lately, due to the faithfulness of his wife, he is doing a lot better. I am excited for the future – I know that the lord will bless our family as we are faithful to him and to his commandments. I have been studying a lot on faith lately and i am really starting to realize that the lord will sometimes make us wait things out to either call us to repent and have stronger faith or test the patience of our faith. I think he has done a lot of both to me during my mission and i need to humbly myself often and let him know that i cannot do this work of his alone and i have had to repent often and put my faith in him. I feel so much happier as i have really gone to work. When i was a young missionary (it feels weird to say that) i really hated talking to people on the streets for hours, but now i really love it. i think a lot of that has to do with the language but i really have grown a love for the people of korea and felt that love drive me to bring them this gospel. I love serving here and i hope to learn so much more in my time in korea and help the lord in anyway he will have me help. I love you and i am so thankful everyday for the effort and faith that you
put in to help me come on a mission.

Love Elder Chapman


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Conference (continued)

I finally got to watch conference yesterday and saturday and i must say that is was amazing. It was exactly what i needed and it strengthened my testimony that we have a Father who loves us and wants all of us to hear what he wants us personally to know. i have a big list of things i want to start doing better and in order to not let those desires jsut slip away i am going to review these talks and the notes i have taken a lot over the next six months. I think that is just like memorizing korean words. at first you have it and then it goes away. then you memorize it later and it stays a little longer then you lose it again. each time you review it and memorize it and then use it, it stays. If you live the principle it becomes part of you. so i want start applying the lessons of conference immediately so that i can become a disciple of Christ. I really loved when it was pointed out that a Disciple comes from the same root word as Discipline. So in essence, a disciple is jsut disciplined in doing what christ as asked. I really liked that a lot. this week the weather of rain was my enemy. I hate the rain as a missionary, any other time its great. We tried to find people to talk to but it was very difficult. This week we are moving our focus on visiting the less actives and part members in our ward. We have a couple that we have visited a couple times and i think that they should be the focuses of our work. I will take dads advice and marry lauren. I have made it a goal of mine based upon the counsel of President monson and Elder Scott. But i got owrk to do now so she’ll have to wait 🙂 i really feel myself starting to rise in my devotion of this work and its exciting. I want to give myself to the lord more and more each day. I know that as i do it my nature will be changed. This upcoming week we are going to try and get this kid baptized before he goes to the army but i dont want him to just get baptized, i want him to be converted, please pray for him and put his name in the temple. jae kyun im. He really needs a testimony, pray that he will read the book of mormon and find that testimony. I love you mom and im so thankful for your example of temple service. i can wait to follow your example when i return. I want to go ever week with lauren and make that a lifetime habit. i love you so much!
Travis Chapman

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The Temple Is Amazing

We just got dont with the temple a little while ago and it was really amazing. it feels like forever since we were able to got since we went at the beginning of last transfer. It was so beautiful and i was able to see the coolest man in the world, a member from my first area who is in the temple presidency. he brightens my day. But the temple really is amazing. i feel so good right now and i feel a lot more sensitive to the spirit right now. I wish i could have this feeling all the time and thats something i am going to try and keep. Speaking of sacrament bread i read the article in the liahona about that woman that always does that in argentina. THat cool. I also enjoyed Elder McConkies talk about the atonement. Its one of my favorites and it hit home with me. This last week was pretty bad to be quite honest but yesterday made it all better. I went on echanges with the zone leader elder sung. He is an amazing elder who you can tell has really given of himself to the lord. I went up to his area and it was really good. I learned a lot that i am going to start applying with elder Dooley. Elder Dooley has been getting depressed and down because of the area. He doesnt feel like there can be miracles in the area from talking to people on the streets because there arent a lot of people on the street. ITs in part my fault because i havent been a very good example to him in my faith but i am going to change that. Elder sung was telling me that there is a point in everyones mission where they figure out the missionary that they want to become based on the challenges that come their way. This is the point in my mission and i have decieded that i am not going to be that missionary that just folds and quits but im going to overcome and become that servant that the lord is trying to make of me. There really arent any huge things that happened last week but i feel so grateful to have learned so much this week. This next week i think is going to be a lot better. Oh by the way i want to give you a name to put in the temple. he is a recent convert that just started his two year required military service which is very challenging so i want to give him some help. Hyang Joon Bek is his name so pray for him and put his name in the temple please. THank you for all of your love and support! 🙂

Love your missionary, Elder Chapman

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General Conference

Conference sounds amazing! I actually just read the first part because i havent watched it yet and i dont want to know what goes on beforehand, sorry buts it like know how a movie or book ends before you experience it yourself. This week was awesome. Elder Dooley and I really applied ourselves and set high goals. We doubled the ammount of lessons taught and found four new investigators. One of them is with us right now. we are going to paly basketball today with a bunch of elders. Anyway the other three are: an american who is teaching english here, his korean girlfriend, and then a referall from our high priest group leader. we met the American guy when we went to the park to play basketball, which is how we found our investigator we are with now. He was playing there and we got to talk to him and had a good time. Its amazing contacting people in english, i envy the american missionaries haha. But we scheduled him for lunch and he brought his korean girlfriend and she speaks english fluently so it was really fun. He is going to a church in incheon but we had a really good lunch and talked a lot about what we do as missionaries. It was a little less formal of a lesson but it was good mnone the less. We are going to try and meet up with them again soon. Lastly our fourth investigator this week was the referal. She is 31 and worked with our member. She doesnt really have a lot of knowledge about christianity even though she went to church when she was little. It was really good cuz our member was awesome and he shared some awesome insights without going off on tangents, exactly what every missionary dreams of. My korean was a little sloppy becuase i havent had a lot of teaching practice before this week but it doesnt matter. this was an awesome week and i am excited to push my vision and increase my commitment this next week. I love you so much and i think you for all your sacrifice and support. Oh last miracle, our recent convert that went to the military las week is back!! they didnt have any paperwork on him so they told him to go back and come again in 3 months. The best part is that he has read 12 chapters in the book of mormon and he is loving it. I know that this is a great time for him to gain a testimony of the book of mormon and of this church. thank you for putting his name in the temple. i love you all

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March Goodness!

This week was great from the sound of it. i hope that Timothy had a great week and that he was able to enjoy his birthday. Its definitely a goal of mine to make family videos when i get back. It was so fun to watch those and make those when we were younger, its almost wierd that with the increase in technology we have fallen away from that habit. Lauren sounds like she was a trooper this week. I only have to look out over my junior companion and he’s nineteen so its an easy job haha. I was reading this morning about the need for priesthood authority. We taught one of our investigators last week and talked about baptism by proper authority. It was a good lesson and i decided that i wanted to know more about the priesthood and why its so important and how we can identify it in the world today. We talked about in the lesson about the book of mormon and the importance of that book and how a testimony of that book would help to bring a realization of the priesthood power and that we too have that same power, which we can trace back to Christ himself. Could you send me my Priesthood line. I dont think i have every seen it all the way so it would be cool to use in a teaching situation i think. thanks. We met this other kid who wants to apply for BYU but isnt a member. He is really a fun situation because we ran into him twice on the street and the second time was when we were lost so it was cool. We met and helped him fill out his application and then set up an interview with our bishop. i texted him last night and he said it went well so i am excited to talk to our bishop and see how things went from his perspective. We will probably meet with him again and see if we can get him baptized before he goes to america, either way i think he will be baptized there. This week was good and i am looking forward to a really good week. We are going to visit members a lot more because i realized that they are going to be a better source for investigators rather than us street contacting all the time and waiting for them to give us referalls. We also need to visit the less active members a lot more and try and increase the activity rate in the church here. Desperately needed. I love you mom and i thank you for your example of a true Disciple. I read the Fourth missionary and i am trying to become that type of missionary now. i have a lot to do but i know that its possible. i love you

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Does this Mean More Handwritten Letters?

This Week was so good. i got the first four pages of the Fourth Missionary talk and it cut off right when i was interested to find the secret so i broke down and printed it off at the library here today. It cost a dollar but it was worth it haha. Anywho thats just the joys of serving a mission i guess huh?  today we are also just going to stay in our area since we dont want to travel or spend money anywhere. So you can get a letter from me finally. im really sorry im such a terrible missionary in the handwritten letter department. i hope you can still love me when all is said an done 🙂 anyways this week we didnt run into any wild people that claim to have jesus or heavenly mother at their church, although that lady called again and talked to me for 20 minutes about how much i need to join. i said that i couldnt join because i knew that the book of mormon was true and couldnt deny that. she said that she wasnt telling me to stop believing in the Book of Mormon but to beleive in their church and believe in the Book of Mormon as well. she just doesnt get it that i couldnt do that haha. but it was a good practice for my Korean phone skills. i was done talking to her after the first minute but kept talking just for practice. Yesterday elder Dooley gave a talk. There is a cartoon character whos name is dooly but its spelt the same in Korean, Its comparitive to Mickey mouse in America. So the ward and in partcular the primary loves elder Dooley so since transfer calls are tonight the ward thinks that elder Dooley will be getting the boot. Im not quite sure what will happen jsut yet cuz we have 12 people going home 15 coming in and going back to double Zone Leaders again so things could get tossed around. Either way its been a blast serving with elder Dooley and i know that he will be a great missionary. He still has off days but who doesnt, i do, but his desire is there and all god needs is a willing heart and contrite spirit. No big stories this week in the Teaching Department, still a bit of a struggle to find but we are trying harder and i am trying to repent of my lack of faith and do much better next transfer. i have learned a lot of invaluable lessons this transfer and im so glad for the Challenges that the Lord has sent my way. I know that it will be for my good. I love you and i love all the support you give me.
Elder Chapman

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Korean School System Sucks?

It doesnt matter where or how big the house is, you can make a home anywhere you have your family. Koreans love to live in small homes and its kinda a nessecity with how many people live here. i always felt bad when we would go visit a member who lives in a very small apartment but i realized that koreans dont care too much about how big it is, they are happy with the most important things in their lives, their families. This week was a toughy cuz school started again and that means our investigators couldnt meet when they go to school form 7am to 10pm!!! Korean school system sucks! i wouldve died if i had to do this. Not Fun at all. We did meet with the craziest church in the world. i thought that our beliefs were a little wierd to some people but this church is a whole new ballgame. They believe that Jesus has already come and gone a second time, oh yeah did i forget to tell you how? A korean man was reading Revelations 2 and it talks about how god wil give him a new name and it shall be written on a stone, basically that means that he was jesus cuz he read it. So He was jesus and he went to heaven(died) but its super cool cuz Our heavenly mother came before he left and she also is korean and lives in seoul. So if you didnt know she’s here. the best part is that even though she is 70 she cant die so soon she will take her children with her to heaven. Oh yeah and another reason why Jesus is korean is cuz he found that Passover was going on when Christ instituted the sacrament so that means that you have to still celebrate passover cuz thats when you can only take the sacrament? so the guys that stopped us on the street yesterday told us that we sinned cuz we took the sacrament yesterday. we also started to talk about the Godhead and i never thought someone could twist the bible so badly until i saw it with my own eyes. They take Revelations so literally but twist Stephens vision of God and Jesus as seperate beings.
It made me grateful to have the knowledge that i have and im even more grateful that i am im trying to humble myself to learn more about the word of god. this week i got back into the habit of reading 20 pages a day and it has helped me a lot this week and i feel myself being sucked back into them again. i really love the scriptures and in particular the Book of mormon. i love this Gospel!!! i love my savior Jesus Christ!!

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