Week 7

Hey Family,
Apparently my letters suck to everyone so im sorry i didnt reallize that. I’m not the best letter writer so im sorry and i’ll do better next week. the problem is that we are only allowed to email and write letters on tuesday so its just hard to sit down and write a lot of letters at one time but ill tough it out. Thanks for the letters last week it was good to get them. also Thanks to susan and ryan for the package. i really liked all of the letters from the kids and all there drawings. the food has been good in them aas well. Also thanks to trent for the package i dont know if i mentioned that in my last email but it was full of some good stuff. i’ve been filling up my sparkling cider bottle full of water so that i dont have to go to the water fountain all the the time at the rooms. on and to mom, there are twelve elders in my district. anyways this week has been really good. i had some pretty neat experiences. Korean went well. it still is spanking hard and frustrating to pronouce but its so fun to speak because it is just so unique. im really having fun and the good attitude has helped my out a lot. thanks dad for the words of wisdom in your last letter. each week i pull so much from your letters that helps out a lot. we learned a lot and i didnt fell like i prepared for the teaching last saturday as well as i couldve but it still turned out well. we had an investigator who had just gotten back from his mission a couple months ago so his korean was still really good and fast so a lot of the lesson was trying to figure out what he had said by picking out words that he had said to get the main point of what he was saying. at one point he asked how to pray and i guess and started to teach how to pray and then he asked how to feel the spirit and my companinon was able to explain that. korean is so fast and i cant imagine how it will feel to speak that fast but that is my goal. on sunday we had a good fireside where Brother heaton who is the head of missionary administrations talked to us. he had talked to us before and this one was even better than last time. we talked about preach my gospel and how they are making eight principles from preach my gospel and focus more on them. its not any new additions to the book but they are putting more stress on certain things like getting the investigator to have a personal spiritual experience and become converted through their own effort and not jsut the missionaries hitting them with spritual experiences. it was an awesome talk and at one point he laid out a little demonstration on how much an investigator moves toward bqaptism by doing certain things. it was good to see that although they said they’ll do something or have help doing something like reading the book of mormon with them, they make a lot more steps toward baptism by reading on their own. Elder Jeremy Rios was the elder they used for the demo. he started on one side of the gym and as the speaker said different things that happen during the conversion process he would step forward however many steps he thought it took the investigator closer. on his right there was the head of security who is this big 6’8″ guy so it was pretty funny to see him next to elder rios. anyways his job was to show the actually ammount of steps they took. all in all that was the highlight of my week. the food is mostly for survival for starvtion. i really am craving some korean food right about now haha. Only four more Weeks!!! it feels like i’ve been here forever but the time is really starting to fly by. im really enjoying all the time i have to study the scriptures and am taking advantage of the time while i have all day to study. tell the priest in the ward they need to read two things all the time for at least an hour a day. Preach my gospel and the book of mormon. i suggest taking a chapter a week from preach my gospel and then read the book of mormon for ten pages at least each day. those two things are going to make you into great men and missionaries. im learning so much about how the life we live as missionaries is just a minituare of how we need to live our lives. My purpose is an awesome chapter and really think about how lucky you are to have the gospel and the live where you do when you do. its not just a conicidence and i dont want any of you to take advantage of this time to prepare like i did.
I love you all
Love Elder Chapman

Todd Chapman


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