Week 9 (Todd was unable to send during Week 8)

The Korean Alphabet

Dear Family and Friends,

sorry i wasnt able to send out an email last week. i forgot that the computers lock after six on your pday and we went to the temple at 3 and didnt get back to the mtc until 6 because we only had one worker after our session so it was really long wait. but it was awesome to be back at the temple. anyhow i just wanted to tell you im sorry. Thank you for all the letters despite the fact that i didnt get an email out. thanks to sean and allie for the package. we had a speaker talk about how our journals should be full of all our spiritual experiences and that we shouldnt right very much other than the mission work so im just going to use that journal for my preach my gospel study journal. but thanks you for that package haha. thanks to Mom, Lauren, and her mom for the package you sent me. it was very good and i have enjoyed it a lot. this past week we got two native missionaries, an elder and a sister. we were suppose to get the sisters younger brother but he hurt himself so hes coming in another six weeks and we had a sister from mongolia who suppose knew korean but when she got here, she didnt know very much and couldnt speak english so she got her mission call switched. so we just have Elder Lee and Sister Beh. Elder lee and i had my cup ramyon that i was sent and he was in heaven because it was the closest thing to korean food he could get. it was a cool experience eating ramyon on the floor with chopsticks with a korean. he doesnt speak hardly any english so it was cool trying to communicate as best i can. Last saturday we got to teach the second lesson in korean it was really awesome as usual to try and struggle through a lesson. My companion when we got here was very shy and unsure of himself as a teacher but he did amazing last saturday and i thought we had a pretty good lesson. something i really want to work on though is using the scriptures more in my teaching and asking more questions. both are so essential in helping our investigators to have spiritual experiences and its something that i jsut need to work harder on in korean. we had a meeting yesterday about setting goals and planning and how much it will affect how successful we are. I’m thankful that i already know this principle but its so awesome to see how much it will help me over the next 22 months. onnly two weeks until korea!! im getting really excited and a little anxious. Im trying hard to finish the book of mormon today and then i want to get through half of it before i leave today. please continue to read and to study from the book of mormon. im so thankfull for it and the lessons i learn form it that i can use to help me be more diligent or humble or loving. no matter what you are looking for, it always will teach you what you need. read chapter 4 this week and chapter 1 and study how you think you can have the spirit more in you life. im so thankful for your love and prayers. i promise to work hard this week. i love you all so much.

Love, Elders Chapman

Todd Chapman


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