Subject: 6 Days until Korea!

Dear family and friends,

Happy Birthday Mom!! and because i’ll miss it, Happy Birthday to Erynne and Sydney! wow i cant believe how fast the mtc as come and gone. i have had so many weeks where it seems like they were just two days long. i was looking back through my folder today at all of the talks and speakers i have had the chance to hear. i’ve larened so much about myself and the missionary im trying hard to become. i know the lord will help me out as i try and do that. this week we had a lot of stuff happening. We had all these room switches because of two of the elders got bumped up to the native district and so the rooms were bustling. but that is boring so ill forget i just wrote that haha. but anyways we had President Jackman talk to us on sunday. He served in our stake awhile back and so that was cool cuz i kind of remember him hah. He talked about the challenges of a mission and how faith can counter any trial we have. it was an awesome talk and my favorite part of it was when he said that we should be excited to face miserable challenges. i thought that was pretty good. im super excited for those challenges. i got a letter from an elder who went to the deijion mission a couples weeks ago. He said that he thought he was doing really well learning the language and then he got to Korea and didnt understand a word. then the native korean said that Elder Eisenhauer was the greenie in his ward before he left and said his korean wasnt very good. side note he already got Five baptisms all referals from a high school student. Cool!! So im excited to just suck in all those language challenges. its going to be awesome. i already understand that i wont sepak very well at all because all the older brothers have made that apperent so its not going to be a shock to me. however im am pretty excited to go and see how intense it is. i cant wait to get off this classroom schedule and jsut hit the streets and try and break down that korean wall. thank you all for all your support im so excited for all you have done to help me get ready and keep me motivated throughout my time at the mtc. please keep emailing me and writing me. i really enjoy hearing from everyone. i fly out of Salt Lake at 8:30 here so 7:30 in cali. we land In LAX at 9:30 and then fly to seoul at 12:30. im going to call home during my layover in LAX so please dear elder me the calling card info cuz i didnt get it. and if there are any last minute packages you want to send feel free to do that soon like today. haha im jsut kidding. Im thankful for the book Of mormon!! i finished it this las week and i had such a strong testimony builder that it is the word of god. i get so excited to sit down and study each day and see what i can learn to help me be a better missionary. i’ll take travis up on his chalenge. i actually had the same goal last week to read it and keep a journal of each days reading in the journal that Ryan and Susan sent me. i love you all and i promise to lett you know how korea is. and i try and see if i can get you some sweet ties. korean neckties are ten times better than here and like $2-$10 dollars. oh and i need to pull out some money for the flying so could you put some money on there sometime this week and dear elder me so i know. thanks i love you

Love, Elder Chapman

Todd Chapman


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