Subject: Re: 8-29-2010

Good evening dad. i hope you are having a greeat birthday. thank you for you’re email. i actually noticed myself getting to focused on the language last week and not enough on my spiritual strength which i know will be the only way that i can learn korean. i noticed that the very day i switch my focus back to the lord i was able to speak better than i ever had that week. we still are only teaching the same investigator. we tried to make really good goals to find people this week. in addition we are starting to turn our focus to completing a lot of the part member families in the ward. we think that starting there will get the ward excited about missionary work and more likely to give us referals because the will see that they can trust their friends with us. i think things are going to improve very quickly very soon. we also are trying to slpit up our area into smaller zones so that we can plan our day around each area. i think that will help us to utilize our time and cut down on travel since our area is so large. i can see my faith being challenged so much with all the rejections here and so many people unwilling to just listen to our message but i know that if i can keep my faith the lord will move his work forward as he wants it to be moved. i read this morning in alma 8 when he goes to ammoniah and is reejected. one of my favorite parts is that when the angel of the lord tells him to return and not give up it says that he “spedily returned” i want to have that faith that even though one person may reject me or maybe even one hundred people may reject me, i want to find that one that the lord  has prepard for me. i love you dad. i am more and more grateful for you and mom each day and for your paitence and diligence in trying to get me to make the right choices. i know that i will grow so much from this experience and that my family will be blessed as i apply what i learned on my mission. thank you for being the great priesthood holder you are and for serving a mission.


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