Subject: Re: Sunday 8-22-2010

thank you for your email. this week has been intense. its really hot this week and intensely humid which im sure you probably remember from texas. the elder from texas said when we got off the plane that it reminded him of houston. he loved it. im serving in 盔寸 right now and we have one of the biggest areas in the entire mission. its a two hour bus ride from the top to the bottom. its right above seoul. im not sure what it looks like romanized because everything is in korean and i’ve been lost for awhile haha. everything moves so fast its hard trying to keep up but im working hard to keep up. the people speak so fast and there a few times when i even know a word of what they say. sunday was fun because i didnt have a clue what was said for three hours. i also had to give a talk on sunday and that was fun getting ready for that. i really wanted to make a good impression so i had a kid in our ward look it over before i gave my talk. afterward i went back to not having a clue about what anyone said. after i spoke 全公堡 got up and spoke. he’s the oldest respected man in the ward so i really want to get in with him because the members will follow him. he’s a former mission president in korean from awhile back. but i geuess he complimented me which was cool and i didnt even notice haha. but i hope that i can start learning korean. its so frustrating not being able to share this special message in the way that i want. it really forces you to be quick and powerful or else you’re going to lose who you are a talking to. im so excited to be serving here i can already tell that this is wherre i need to be. like you said in your email, i can wait to see the changes that come from my diligence and patience with myself. i know that those are both things i want because there are times when i just feel like i cant go and try and talk to anymore people and when we do i learn so much. i think god is only going to trust to give his prepared spirits to elders who wont waste the oppurtunity because they are tired or frustrated with the language. thats something that keeps me going even when i dont feel like it anymore. i hope that the more i put myself out there the mre i will learn. i love this time i get to spend in the service of our lord. business sounds like its about to boom. i would really love for you to be able to come to korea. its so cool and i cant describe it through words. its awesome. there were about ten parents that came for the elders that we replaced so i think president lee is fine with it. i love you dad and im so thankful for you and all you do to support me. i promise to uphold the family name and i promise that will drive me to uphold the saviors name even more.


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