Dear mom,
thank you for all you do for our family. you truly are the glue that has kept us so strong in the gospel. even when pieces of the family are falling away you are so willing to love and care for them until they come back. i promise to write a good letter today and send it out. i’ve been kinda slacking in that last week because we were travelin to seoul to the temple and back all day so i didnt have any time to write but today i should have enough time. the family reunion sounded like fun. i can only imagine what dad was feeling like when he saw the pool the way he did. i hoope lindsay does good in utah. what is she going to be doing for work? this week was really good. it rained a lot here. i think you would spell it like Won Dong but im not sure cuz korean doesnt romanize very well since they have more vowels than english but i think you could do it that way. ill try and romanize as much as i can so you can know who we are teaching and stuff like that. but anyways i had a good week even though it was raining basically half the week nonstop. we tried to talking to a lot of people so that i can keep getting comfortable to talking to people in korean. its still as dificult as ever and most of the time i jsut guess their response and hope i’m right with my answer. i really enjoy learning korean. i was thinking the other day, there is no way i would come to this country and learn this difficult language and try and talk to random people if i really didnt know this church was true. i really wish i could express that to the people. its so wet and it swells wired a lot of the time and i cant speak and people dont like to talk to me, but i love it because its a challenge and i know that i am going to learn so much about myself and i hope that the lord will see that i am being faithfull and will want to have me help one of his children. but i too know that this is the true church. i know that we have the fulness of the gospel and that we have god’s word , the book of mormon. i’ve been really trying hard to foucus on the book of mormon and coming to obtain God’s word before i can prclaim it. i know that if stay diligent in that endevour than god will bless me so that i can learn the korean language. this week i talked to this kid on the bus. actually it was yesterday, but i talked to him and we had a broken conversation but we were able to understand each other enough. i asked him if he had any questions of the soul ( i showed him a list, they are in chapter five of preach my gospel) and he said he wondered in god answers pray. i told him about enos and how his pray was answered and for the first time since i’ve been here i think i really was able to speak my best. we set up an appointment and i hope things work out so that we can teach him but i know that if they dont, i did all i could to bring him closer to christ. it really made me excited to keep puching through all the rejections to see those moments of success. i hope you all have a great week. i have to go write my mission president but ill wirte home with more about our invetigators. i love you and thank you for your letters


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