Dear family and friends,

First i would like to apologize for the lack of letters and detail of those letters. my first pday ended up being only an hour and last week i had no letter writing time because we spent three hours cleaning our house. but today we will be writing letters so you should all be getting one very soon. thank you for your love and support . i know that i wouldnt be able to become the missionary i am becoming without your letters to help me. Korean is awesome. i hope that can help someone recieve this extraordinary gospel. this week we had didnt find anyone to teach but i am not giving up faith. Something that President Lee told us at our zone conference is that in order for us to fulfill our goal to be a baptizing mission and to be a happy mission, we must find those that are prepared to recieve the gospel. he told us that we arent sent to convince everyone that this is god’s true gospel but we are required to talk to everyone we can that is prepared. in order to find the prepared we have to work hard and talk to everyone. at times while ive been here i’ve felt upset with the fact that i cant speak koren very well and i’ve felt that im not very good at expressing how great this gospel is in korean so that i can prove to people that it is true. but i know that if i do my best to forget about speaking korean and first try to speak a powerful simple testimony, the lord will bless me to be fluent in korean. thats what i spent a lot of time this week doing. i tried working on making a powerful short message so that if someone is prepared to receive the gospel i wouldnt be the cause for not having them recieve it. our only invetigator 최수원 had an awesome week. on tuesday we met with him and we didnt have a very good lesson. he was joking around with us and not taking the lesson very seriously. we talk about the word of wisdom which is a big deal in korea since everyone drinks and smokes. 최수원 che-su-won, doesnt do either because he thinks that they are bad for you but he does drink a lot of coffee. we talked about that if he doesnt stop drinking coffee he cant be baptized. at this point he got a call from his son and said he had to go. i could see that he was very frustrated with what we had told him. On friday we had another meeting with him and with the former mission president who is in our ward. we talked about our earth life and how in order to live with god we must keep his commandments. this led into the word of wisdom and he told us that since god gave him his body he must take care of it. he said he drank coffee that morning and felt terrible. he told us that he wants to stop. it was so crazy to see the complete switch he had in just two days. first he couldnt understand why we have that word of wisdom and now he wants to stop. we are going to meet with him tuesday and if he is having a good time with stopping coffee we are going to commit him to be baptized this next week. i think he is going to do it because at church yesterday his attitude was great and he was asking a ton of questions. he just wants to learn and its awesome to see that happening in his life. through all the difficulties in finding a new investigator having him to teach and see the gospel change his life is absolutley awesome and makes it all worthwhile. i hope that i can be blessed to have many similar experiences while im here. i know that the atonement is real. it has changed my life and i know that it can change lives anywhere in the world. i love you all and i can wait to write about a baptism next week and some new awesome investigators we’ll find this week!!!

Elder Todd Chapman


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