um i would like both email and letters everyone. we dont get mail very often, in fact i havent gotten a letter since i have been in korea and lauren has told me that she sent me some so im not sure whats up with that. but maybe just email some things that have happened during the week and the letters can be about how amazing i am or something you learned from the scriptures. either works for me haha. i have praying for dad to have success everyday. i know that blessings will come. elder holland says that they may come now or later or perhaps not til heaven but for those who are patiient they will come. thats a pretty cool apostalic promise and i know its true. i know that dad and our family will be ok if we are all diligent in doing what the lord has asked of us. i am learning more and more about that lesson each day. we have struggled to find one new investigators since i have been here and each day we keep going out and talk to as many people as we can. my companion is good at pushing me past my comfort zone with korean and he talks to everyone everywhere and so i am learning from a good example. it doesnt matter if we are in our area or not, he will talk to anyone. except woman. its a mission rule not to talk to girls because it is a big culture thing and the men will jusge us for it so nobody wins there haha. but i knwo that if we keep tryting to talk to everyone eventually the lord will give us success. I’m working on making my study a lot better too. i jsut finished the book of mormon and i want to try and read it once a transfer. besides that i want to read the rest of the works over the course of my mission. i’ve never done that so i want to try that. im starting with the doctirne and covenants. my testimony has soared since i have been here i know that it is becasue i am doing the simple reading and praying each day. i regret not taking advantage of such a simple promise from the lord on our part and one that is so eternally rewarding. i know that these habits are so important now and i have a testimony of what they will do for the rest of my life and in the lives of my family. i am so thankful for a mom that taught me that through your example. i know that you are the best mom in the whole world. i love you


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