my sabbath was pretty similar to the past five here in korea. confusing haha. i still am in a daze all sunday long about all the korean getting thrown at me. but i think it helps a lot for my listening. i feel like that is improving the quickest. there is so much to be learned and i really am trying hard to stay diligent in learning korean. at first i was overly concerned about how little i knew but i’ve come to realize that its ok and that i can still testify with a simple testimony and if i have faith they will know what i am saying. i have definitely felt myself becoming more confident that if i open my mouth and get past that fear, the lord will help me. sundays sound busy up there for you. i really liked that quote from president haynie. i think its so true also. so many awesome missionaries have done a great job with the poeple here and have done there job only to have the person fall away because they were never fellowshiped. korea is a very closed society and its sad that its even that way in the church. i think its somewhat like that everywhere in the world though too. i definitely have been trying to do all i can to make myself into a full time missionary for the rest of my life. i’ve noticed that if we truly want to show our graditude for the atonement it is through helping others come to a realization of its power. there is no denying the power of the book of mormon if we jsut read it and apply its message. ive found myself growing closer to heavenly father as i do just that. i know that it is a gift that keeps on giving and will continue to build up all those who read it. i’m thankful for you and dad having us read the scriptures as a family. even though i didnt do it on my own and i made some mistakes i think the little book of mormon that i had in my life kept tugging at me and telling me what i was doing was wrong. i can believe how much better i feel now compared to a year ago. i have so much more joy in the future and i have so much i look forward to each day. i promise that i will be a fulltime missionary and i will build my family on the book of mormon and help them see its power. im am grateful for the example in both of these areas from you mom and i know that you love your savior because you live what he teaches and i want to follow your example also.Love Elder Todd CHapman


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