Week 18! Over 80 Weeks left!

DEar mom,
i havent gotten to watch conference yet. because of the time difference they jsut show it a week later so that its a lot easier to manage. im really excited especially since all the eamils ive gotten have been about how great the conference was. im hope you know how grateful i am for your emails. you always send me exactly what i need to hear. this week i thought a lot about if its my fault that we havent been able to find anyone to teach. i though about if im doing something wrong. yesterday our bishop asked why we didnt have a progress record. we told him we didnt have anyone to teach so he made the point to everyone in the ward counsel how hard it is to find teach and baptize on our own and how few people we are going to find doing missionary work that way. he kinda railed into the ward council ha. but it made me realize that i just need to keep testiying to my best ability. im going to finish this email we have to go somewhere else cuz there are a lot of people waiting to use the comptuers. i love you tlak to you in a sec
ok im back. so anyways the lesson i kinda learned is that if i do my best work and it doesnt bring any immediate success i cant feel down. i was reminded of abinadi who did so much diligent missionary work and he didnt have any immediate success but because he was diligent through all his trials he was able to affect alma which started a long long line of successful missionary work. i just need to keep reminding myself of that. yesterday the bishop told us also to start using preach my gospel a little more aggresively to get the members involved with missionary work. we went to the former mission president of diejon’s house so that we could get his opinion on things. he said to give the members commitments just like you would when teaching and to have them read just little parts until they start to get curious and study it on their own. he told me also that im going to make mistakes when speaking korean but for me to keep opening my mouth and then the lord will bless me the most. everyweek i learn more and more about how to be a better missionary and how to become a better man. through all the trials of not having anyone to teach my testimony has grown so much this past transfer. i thank the lord for all the blessings he has given me and the oppurtunity to share this message to these great people. i lvoe you so much and i hope i get the package you sent this week.

Elder Chapman


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