Korea: 10-10-10

THank you mom for you email. i too loved elder scotts talk. it was one of my favorites. to me it seemed that we paitient thread our character together. i liked when he said that we should thakn god for the times of struggle because thats when our faith is challenged the most and by consequence thats when it grows the most. i really am gaining a testimony of why missions are so important because they really are a chalenge and such a greater blessing to the missionary. i liked what elder gong said when we try to reach out to individuals we touch generations. there is so much going on beyond my efforts. president eyring also talke about that.. about having small efforts that change the world. if we all collectively try to change our own envirement great things can come about world wide. conference truly flows and intertwines itself from talk to talk and from subject to subject. im so grateful for the oppurtunity to sit at the feet of the prophets and hear them teach us god’s word for us today. i knwo that President monson is god’s living prophet without a doubt. this morning i made a list during personal study about things im grateful for. i want to review and keep adding to it. jsut in the past day as i ahve tried to live with more gratitude i am so happy. i am grateful for the oppurtunity to be challenged the way i have been in the work. we are searching so hard for the lord’s elect and im learning so much along the way. there truly isnt a way that i can pay the lord back by serving him because he is pouring blessing upon not only me but upon my family and i have seen how you and the family have grown more sincere to the gospel since i have been here. i cant wait to follow your example and to have a family of my own. when Elder larry lawerence gave the five things to do to have a strong home i felt grateful because those were the things you do did to raise us. i know that i want to do the same for my family. i am so happy to be here and the time is already going by so quickly. i only hope that i can continue to try and lose myself in the work and in the serivce of god. i love you and i love all the support and help you give me.

Elder Chapman


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