Korea Seoul Mission, 10-24-2010

i am working as hard as i can everyday so that i can strenthen my faith. through all these challenges i feel my character being shaped and i feel
myslef not only acting as a missionary should but i feel the laying up in store of future blessings. i am so thankful for the oppurtunity to
serve heavenly father and i want to give of all i have to him so that he can shape me into the missionary he needs now and the member
missionary he want me to be in the future. i really feel the fire of missionary work and the uregency we all must have. in preach my gospel
it states that the member is the key to missionary work blooming and i want to be a part of that when i return. its hard to work with the
members here, or rather its a challenge. there is a word they use for when they feel pressure to do something that is hard and it basically
means you cant ask that much of me. yesterday our ward mission leader told us that memebers are feeling that from us becasue we asking them
to read preach my gospel and to apply the teachings. so we were told not to visit members unless we have a meal appointment. its a little
frustrating but we are still going to make them see the importance of the work and we are going to keep showing them love. we are sure how
many of the members are feeling like we are pressuring them. tomorrow we ahve a dinner appointment at the former mission presidents house so we are going to talk to him about what we can do. we found five people to teach last week so this week we are going to begin teaching again.
i havent taught a lesson since my third week to an investigator!! we are working hard and talking to as many people as we can. my district
leader gave us an acronymn on happiness.


Always smile and laugh



Invite the spirit

No contention

Endure hardship

Selfless Service

Savior’s sacrifice

If we are happy we can see the blessing we recieve and we will be able to bring more blessings into our lives. i love you !!!!

Love Elder Chapman


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