October 24, 2010 in Korea

things sound amazing there in home. i am so thankful for you and for raising me. you were plenty patient with me over the years. i dont
know if i could have handled such a punk in such a loving manner. i listen to elder worthlins talk from october 2007 this morning and i
thought of you. you truly are one of the best examples of christ like love to me. if i ever need to see a real life example of love it would
be from you. i am so sorry for the choices that ricardo has made. i really wish i could express to him the power this gosple has. i know
that if he saw or even tried for a week to be a missionary in korea he couldnt deny the truthfulness of the gosple. so many people even tell
us how hard our lives are in korea but i dont think many of them consider the reason why we sacrifice. if this wasnt true i wouldnt
waste a second trying to talk to people about something like this. the language is a challenge and the poeple are difficult to communicate
with but i know that the lord has love for them so he has called me to help move his work forward in korea. i really feel the weight of that
calling and i want to respond to the call. we found five new people to teach i will tell aobut how our first lessons go next week. its been a
tough first two transfers but i have learned a lot aobut my character and my love for the savior and more importantly his love for me. i
have felt him comfort me when times ahve been hard and when people have rejected us. i sent dad this acronymn on happiness that my
district leader gave us. it has helped my attitude a lot and i have noticed that the work doesnt seem so hard if i have a good attitude
always. i love you and i am going to write you and the family a letter. we are jsut going to the house today to catch up on some letter wqriting. i love you.

Love ELder Chapman


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