Week 23

this week it started to get colder but its still fine with just a suit coat. i bought some light gloves and those work fine too. could you put some money on my card or check to see that i have 200 so i can buy a coat next week. im going to do that next week right before transfers so i can get it done while i know where i am. i think my trainer is going to be transfered next week but we’ll know for sure in two weeks on my pday. this last week was good. we started meeting with a former investigator again who had gotten busy so he couldnt meet. he was a referal from this sister in our ward, they do taeqwondo together. so we met him twice last week and he brought us grapes and rice cakes. i think he likes us a lot and i hope that we can help him to progress well and quickly. we taught him about the book of mormon. the missionaries that taught him before must not have done a whole lot because he didnt know pretty much anything. he doesnt know if god exists or not so we are going to cover the importance of the book of mormon in all the lessons and how it can help him know that god lives. hes really cool kiid. also 최수원 who was the first investigator we had when i got here to korea, called us up this past week. his sister died and he has been traveling to the south a lot to do buisness and stuff for that so he told us he will be coming back to church in a couple weeks. it was so random but really good. hopefully we can get him baptized this time, third times a charm. he was super good and said that he wanted his wife to get baptized so that they could be sealed in the temple and then he dissapeared so this clears up a lot. i agree totally with you mom that all we can do is agree to dissagree with Mario Vespucci. you should buy him a ticket and send him out hear for a couple weeks. i would show him how true this gospel is with a hard day of proselyting. its an easier road but he’s going to stand by his choices one day. i actually dont even know if it is an easier road. i have found that living the gospel makes life simple and choices are easy when you only give yourself one choice. today we went to the temple and i understood every word!!! ok it was in english but i thought it was a miracle. i love going to the temple and i feel like all the hard work i do is worth it when i get to be there and feel my testimony confirmed of the lords work. i love you and your example of dedicated temple service to me. have a good week!!
Elder Chapman
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