Week 24

Let the marquardts know that im am praying for them too. im so sorry to hear that. I hope he recovers too. it seems like everything month I just have to get some type of bad news and I hope it will stop. this week was one of our best since I have been here in korea. We found an awesome family to teach and im s excited to teach them. we were walking along and this guy kept saying hello to us from across the street and we just ignored it at first because people are always yelling hello at us but after the third time we looked and he told us to stop. he says he wants us to teach his son english and then when we met he asked if we were planning on talking about church because he had questions. I have found it amazing that even here in korea we have the exact same anti mormon excues or rumors. he said he has heard some of them but told us that he got a very different feeling from mormons when he traveled to utah. so more than wanting to argue he just asked so he could know what we beleive. just before we left he said he feels really good about this. his wife told us that she set up an appointment with the missionaries three years ago but then the husbnd was against it. they were the nicest family and I think they are going to be awesome. I dont think I described them well enough in the email though haha. ill keep you posted. I feel like I finally have something to write home about besides the fact that we got rejcted a lot or that we cant find anyone. I guess the whole mission has been struggling of late to baptize and I think that it is an affect from the missions combining. anyways we’ll keep going forward. I finished the book of mormon this week again and I really liked what mormon told his son. the people were past feeling and the spirit had ceased to strive with them. but he said that him and moroni must continue to preach the gospel so that the blood of the people would not be on their hands. I dont think the korean poeple are past that point or anything but I liked the fact that he took as a duty to preach the gospel even when it seems like its doing nothing. for the first three months of my time here I have felt like I havent made a impcted in the work at all but I look back and I think I have put forth my best effort to the lord and thats all I can do. I can not choose the results but I can continue to push forward. my testimony has grown so much and I know more and more each day that this is gods true church and this his work. im glad to be able to spread the gospel and I made jut be a planter right now but I hope to sow someday. I love you all very much and im so thankful for all your emails and letters. have a great week and trust in the lord. The gospel is true, what else matters.”missions are tough. get over it and get to work!” Elder Holland

Elder Chapman


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