Week 25

Ive been praying hard for pete and betty ann. i hope he recovers ok. However im so glad for the plan of salvation and the oppurtunity we have to live forever with god in a perfectd state. We talk 김승진 (Brandon)  today. he’s the kid we have been meeting with for the past couple weeks. today we were planning on finishing the plan of salvation so this morning i studied about the spirit world and onward. i had a really good study and my testimony of the plan grew. when we taught him our plan switched. he is preparing to go to washington university to study english. he leaves in four weeks so we want to try and see if we can prepare him for baptism before then. today we talked aobut his book of mormon reading. he has been reading from the beginning and is on 1 nephi 8. so far he has been reading it like a history book so today we focused a little more on that because thats a little more important than just teaching a lesson. we talked aobut how to learn from the book of mormon. we found out that he doesnt pray about his reading so we challenged him to do that. he’s been struggling to see why it is that he needs to read, or what he’s suppose to learn. we taught also about coming to church to feel god’s love and the holy ghost. it was a really good lesson and i hope he has a spiritual experience with pray or the book of mormon. we also met with a family that we found two weeks ago. well actually the dad found us and stopped s on the street. last week we just got to know them and find out their interest. John, the dad and his wife 주가영 have a son, tom ( like tom and jerry as he told us haha). Tom is ten years old and john wants us to teach him english. when we originally met them we thought they were going to be what we in the biz call “enlgish sucks”. but towards the end of our visit he started to ask about some stuff about our church and his travels to utah ( i knew that place served a purpose ha). anyways this last visit we met with john and tom. the wife was working at the airport for Korean AIr. we talked a lot about god and families and didnt get too mcuh farther in the first lesson. he believes in god but doesnt like how people go to church but dont act as they should when they go throughout the week. i was so stoked to hear that. he is a good man and ou can tell that he is trying his hardest to be a good dad. he reserves every saturday to play with tom. We had a really good talk aobut families too. we gave him a family proclamation to the world before and he read it twice through. he really liked it. this next week we are going to talk about the restoration and then we are going to dinner with his family( he invited us last night) we think that they are going to do well. we have a few other people we might be teaching this week so i will let you know how that goes. i also got a call from elder olson saying that he saw brother robertson in his ward and that he relayed me the christmas package thing.

Thank you mom for all that you have done for me. i too have been trying to improve myself in the graditude area. i have so much to be grateful for. im especially grateful for all the challenges i’ve experienced since i’ve been here i know that i have grown a lot from them. im thankful for the scriptures and the oppurtunity to learn from them. there is so much to learn and i dont think i will ever be able to master all the teachings but its worth a shot right? the language is going. korean is getting more and more fun and i think i have improved a lot from when i got here so im glad for that. there is still a lot i need to do though and a lot lot more to learn but i am making progress.

thanks you for all the packages and letters. i love you all very much i hope you have a great week and keep looking for missionary moments.

Elder Chapman


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