Week 26 Letter 2

Im glad to hear that pete is slowly recovering i will continue to pray for him and betty ann. WOrk sounds like you are having a blast. yesterday a member in our ward talked about tithing and the blessing promised in malichi and third nephi. i think its interesting that such a huge promise is giving to such a simple commandment. I think at times it may be difficult for me when i return to provide for my family but i have already set myself that i will always pay a full tithe to be worthy of such blessings. The attack probably was blown up by the media. we went to the dmz that same day :/ but we left about an hour or two before the attack so i think they shut it all down. things are pretty tight on the border but i dont think that there is anything to worry aobut. President hinckley promised that if the korean saints remain faithful and attend the temple that there willbe no war. similar to the book of mormon. i think that itll be okay. Thaksgiving was good. we got three hours for dinner and then back to work. we went to a couple’s house and had roast because a 16lb turkey wouldnt even fit in the korean ovens haha. it was really good and we got a suprize visit from President lee. It was pretty fun, he is hilarious. ALways smiling  haha. This week was a tough week. its starting to get cold and it even snowed last night!! we have been trying to push past the cold and continue to do the work. Elder hunsaker got really down on himself because of his korean the past couple of days so its been tough to cope with that and try to keep him realizing how good he is. he can read and write fluently but its his speaking that is a little slow so he gets upset and then it makes me question my korean. but today i studied a talk on paitience from President Utchdorf and i realized that i cant control if the language comes fast or slow but i can control my attitude which i think will help it come faster. that was the biggest lesson for me this week. i love you dad and im sorry i havent written lately to you either. today im going to get all my letters sent our. we havent been by the post office in awhile so i got somethings to send home. i love you very much Elder Chapman


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