Week 26 of 104 Letter 1

Dear Family
A guy in our ward has a  problem with his daughter but he told her that she will always pray and read her scriptures under his house. she
struggled with her testimony for a long time but now she wants to serve a mission. ill write to more people though i
promise. i am so glad for lindsay. i dont think i have ever met him though. i think he came right after i left. This week was pretty tough
for me. i told all about it in dads email. im so glad for those moments tthat you really dont see the affect of your actions now. i
think that might be happending all around me everyday adn thats parrt of what keeps me going. i know that i can do this work. im sorry that
this email sucks i will write you first next week insetead of going down the line. i love you mom and i want you to know that im trying my
best to become the missionary that you and heavenly father know i can be. Can you send a copy of the fourth missionary talk in my next
package i never go to read it and i would like to. thank you love you.

Elder Chapman


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