Baptism coming up

This week was super good. there wasnt a bunch of crazy finding new investigators but there was a couple times where i jsut felt that this mission is worth serving. First I realized that next tranfer im going to be a senior companion and that makes me kind of nervous because i’ve only been in korea for four months and the language is stil kicking my butt. i really hope that i am up for the challenge. our mission is going to poured on with new missionaries and i heard that in two transfers 60% of the missionaries will be five transfers in country or less. (one transfer-6weeks) So the odds of me getting someone that is amazing at korean are dwindling and that means that its going to be a lot tougher but at the same time its going to help me a lot. i think that i have learned a lot with elder Hunsaker and we both think that he is going to be transfered ucz he’s been in this area for 6 months now. at with the number of older missionaries lessening i think he will go be a leader in another area. either that or im gone but its very unlikely that we will be together next week, but we will see what christmas brings. Speaking of Christmas, its pretty weak in korea. Its basically a couples holiday and everyone goes to church and then its over with. Im pretty upset with that because christmas is my favorite. ITs pretty sad because even in the church here the true meaning i think isnt conveyed very well. Last Saturday we had our stake christmas party and we had a music concert and there was only one christmas song and that was Feliz Navidad which i thought was pretty weak. But i am excited to talk to you all on christmas. Its come so quick. i get to talk to you for two hours and ill probably call on your christmas eve. We have Christmas as a Prepration day so itll be fun. Anywho… This weekend we met with john and his family. WE didnt get to meet that last week because his wife was working all week at the airport so we met up. They are the collest family especially their son tom. He won an english competition at his school last week. He really good for being a ten year old. Anyways we started to teach the restoration because we still feel like they havent quite understood the base of our church but when we started to teach, john kept interupting and asking to explain aobut the relationship of god and jesus. so we did that and then as we were explaining that tom asked why god created sin. We talked about the fall and the lesson kind of changed into a paln of salvation lesson instead. Tom was on fire asking super awesome questions and it turned into the family answering their own questions. We also talked about baptism which went to the spirit, then to sacrament (because john asked what happens if we sin after baptism) and then to church attendance. We tried to commit them to come to church but john said he doesnt have the courage yet, but he said that he feels that our message is something that will bring him happiness. This family is so awesome and i reall y hope i can stay because i think that they are going to get baptized. He says that he wants to move to Salt Lake City and he wants to come to our weddings when we go back to america haha. i love teaching this family because i just feel that this is why we serve missions, to find these families that are searching for happiness they jsut dont know where to find it. i lvoe you all very much and im glad that i have your support. thank you for everything mom im glad to be your son. Elder Chapman


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