Cold days on the Mission!

THis week was really cold!! it was crazy. i can get scarfs and stuff
here for cheap so ill just buy them here. we made a snow man last week
which was my first one in a long time and it was cool. ill have to
print off some of the pictures we took and send them. this week we
only got two of our investigators to church but we have a baptism
coming up so thats good. she’s special so im not sure if she needs it
but if she has a desire to be baptized we shouldnt deny of that so we
doing on the 16. it might be my first baptism. yesterday was the
highligth of my week. we had a visit from elder choi of the seventy,
the korean who gave a talk in priesthood a while back. he is super
awesome. He talked to us about the importance of reading and studying
the doctirne of CHrist as outlined in preach my gospel. we did a great
activity where we went through each verse of 2nd Nephi 31 and we
talked about what it meant us. he really told to focus on the feelings
of the spirit and say those things not just what the scripture says.
it was a cool activity and it took about an hour. today i set my goals
for the new year as well. i had a super good study and im excited for
the new year. the ward here is super cool. we have ping pong night on
wednesday and saturday. it is so fun and im going to get so good and
pinpong cuz koreans are so good. its a really good activity for our
members to bring friends to so we hope to get some investigators out
of it. i hope that you all have an amazing week we are going ice
skating so today is a little short on time but ill write a letter to
youabout more of whats been going on. i lvoe you all sorry for the
crappy email again 😦


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