January 9th 2011

HEllo from the warm ladn of korea!!

Not really… this week has been prretty cold and im so thankful for
some gloves and earmuffs. i swore that i would never be a wimp and use
them but the weather has beaten me and im bundled up like a true cali
kid whenever we hit the streets. im also grateful for the great
oppurtunities to share this gospel. last week we had interviews with
president and they went well and he asked us to think about how we be
just a little more obedient even if its something super little. i have
been pretty bad at working out in the morning because its super cold
in the house and im just booting up the harddrive in the morning.
those have been my excuses lately but this morning i got up and threw
the weights around a bit. im able to bench the sixty pound dumbbells
again so im going for the 70s this week. in a couple weeks i want to
go for 10 reps of the 80 pounders. i feel so good to be that kind of
sore again. but it does take a little more will power to get up on
time haha. yesterday we had lunch at our part members house. the
father is blind (but that doesnt stop him) and is way cool. hes super
smart.. you can give him a date and he will tell you what day of the
week it is on. its crazy. anyways he ordered us food to his house on
sunday (he’s not a member yet so we let it slide ha) and he got us
this plate that was 16″ wide and it was piled with a bunch of
different seafood. it was intense looking and i wish i had my camera.
i finished the whole thing so i feel pretty tough right now haha. He
has been coming to church for a long time and he promised his wife he
will get baptized this year. we tried to push him for a date this
month but he said later so we are going to keep working on him. we
have a baptism this week so ill send you some pictures of that. its
going to be my first baptism possible so im hoping things go well this
week. thats about all the action for the week im sorry that letter
writing has sucked its just tough to do in six hours on pday when you
got to eat lunch and dinner and go email and shop too in that time.
ill try and get one to you as soon as possible but just remember that
i have my journal that im writing just for you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ i love you mom
and i am so glad to be here and there so much thanks that you deserve
for helping me get out here. i promise to serve hard all the way to
the end ๐Ÿ™‚

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