Things Warming Up…

Today is actully feeling pretty warm. we are just wereing long sleeve shirts and jeans. this last week things have started to warm up so its all good haha. this week the solo senior responsibility really hit me. but im not one to stress over things i cant control so im just going at the work the same. I had a tough week of korean and i really couldnt understand a lot but its all good because the lord is just refining my paitience and i know that things will be ok in the end. me and elder dooley tried to work as hard as we could despite the fact that the area was dead for the New year celbreations. We did go to yeoung deung po for a mission conference and president lee wore his traditionaly korean clothing. He made sure to let us know that his clothing is the style worn by rich and smart men which was hilarious because its totally the korean humble bragging but its ok cuz president is awesome enough to say that haha. i starrted writing in my journal again. i feel bad cuz last transfer like i said i got behind and it jsut piled up on me so im getting back in the habit im just not going to have a lot from last transfer so im sorry for that 😦
The ward here is great. they are reallly busy so we dont get to eat at their houses super often but they load us up with food on sundays which is a tell tell sign that the ward likes you. We did get to eat at our ward mission leaders house yesterday and he is super cool. i told about his past in dads email so inquire. We ate really well and he gave us a lot of food to made the food that he gave us so we are going to eat well this week. The ward here always seems to have one golden investigator and nothing else so we are hoping to get a golden referal soon because right now we are at the nothing else phase. me and elder dooley are getting along great. we bought airsoft guns which are super cheap in korea and we have had mini wars in the house at night before bed. we get along great and he’s going to be an amazing missionary. thats all i got for this week so have a great week and i’ll talk you all soon 🙂 i love you!!

Elder Chapman


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