Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day haha. Today i have an exchange with my old trainer, Elder hunsaker, who is currently my district leader. Im not super excited for it cuz i thought i was going to go with his companion, elder Spangler, my MTC companion. I havent gotten to see elder Spangler in action so im a little bummed but its all good because we are going to have an amzing day of finding people in the Cold of siheung. 🙂 Our city is called the city of woman in our zone because there are basically only woman on the streets during the day so that makes finding hard since we arent allowed to talk to them. The last year in this area has been where the missionaries have had one golden investigator and nothing else because there are only woman outside and knocking doors isnt very effective. But we can either make excuses or we can go out with faith that we can find an investigator who will be ready to accept the gospel. We had a ward baptism this past week and it went pretty well. The mom asked that we come to the church and fill up the font early which we had no problem with. We showed up to the church and there was about ten adults and the whole primary for an activity so i was a little confused as to why WE needed to turn a little nob on and then wait for it to fill up and then turn it off. But you have to do everything the members ask so that they will trust you and then want to refer their friends and family to us. Im still convinced that the work in korea will continue to progress at a rate of 300 baptisms a year per mission with the activity rate of 9% until the members realize that they have to participate more in this work. i think that goes for the rest of the world as well. One of the greatest things i’ve developed and commited myself to is the challenge that David O McKay issued to bring one person into the gospel each year and im going to do that after my mission as a regular full time missionary member 🙂 Im happy to see that you are already doing that mom and have always been such a good example of sacrifice for the lords work. i know that you are being and will be blessed for that commitment to God’s work and glory. We all need to rededicate ourselves to working a little harder and the world becomes more evil. I need to work harder and i need to study my scriptures more diligent in order to feast upons Christs words and allow them to affect my spirit. I love the pormise of the lord that if we search the scriptures will obtain kowledge and the warning that if we dont we shall have that knowledge taken from us. I’ve definitely experienced both sides in my life and i can testify that the first of reading the scriptures brings a lot my happiness and peace in life. i love you Mom and im so excited for this week to serve the lord will all i got. thank you for your love and support. i need to express more gratitude for what i have been given in life and you have given me my whole life 🙂 i love you

Elder Chapman

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