This week was Good

anyway this week was good. we still as of late have not been teaching anyoone, but i think that is a sign not that the work is to hard but that i have to have more faith in the work. i think that i have to give myself more so that the lord will change me and then i can have a better influnece on the work in this area of the vineyard. You sound like you are a missionary on sunday haha. just got your day all planned out for you dont you? its a good thing that you are supermom. (all the sister in korea call you that by the way when they findout the size of our family) yesterday was a really cool day. First i had to give a what i thought would be five but ended up 15 minute talk in sacrament. when i walked in the first counselor said that i need to make it long cuz there was a lot of time so i was freaking out. but i was able to to get it out. after church we went with a member of our ward and tried visiting everyone he knows whose not a member. it was fun cuz we jsut kept driving around and he kept saying to himslef “who can we teach right now?” we taught one guy that lives near his work place on the side of the road in the Timothy squat. we had a box for a table and had preach my gospel and a book of mormon right there on the side walk. it was cool. we gotta run sorry this was weak today mom ill write you a letter and send it off this week.

i love you so much Elder 채프맨!!

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