Korean School System Sucks?

It doesnt matter where or how big the house is, you can make a home anywhere you have your family. Koreans love to live in small homes and its kinda a nessecity with how many people live here. i always felt bad when we would go visit a member who lives in a very small apartment but i realized that koreans dont care too much about how big it is, they are happy with the most important things in their lives, their families. This week was a toughy cuz school started again and that means our investigators couldnt meet when they go to school form 7am to 10pm!!! Korean school system sucks! i wouldve died if i had to do this. Not Fun at all. We did meet with the craziest church in the world. i thought that our beliefs were a little wierd to some people but this church is a whole new ballgame. They believe that Jesus has already come and gone a second time, oh yeah did i forget to tell you how? A korean man was reading Revelations 2 and it talks about how god wil give him a new name and it shall be written on a stone, basically that means that he was jesus cuz he read it. So He was jesus and he went to heaven(died) but its super cool cuz Our heavenly mother came before he left and she also is korean and lives in seoul. So if you didnt know she’s here. the best part is that even though she is 70 she cant die so soon she will take her children with her to heaven. Oh yeah and another reason why Jesus is korean is cuz he found that Passover was going on when Christ instituted the sacrament so that means that you have to still celebrate passover cuz thats when you can only take the sacrament? so the guys that stopped us on the street yesterday told us that we sinned cuz we took the sacrament yesterday. we also started to talk about the Godhead and i never thought someone could twist the bible so badly until i saw it with my own eyes. They take Revelations so literally but twist Stephens vision of God and Jesus as seperate beings.
It made me grateful to have the knowledge that i have and im even more grateful that i am im trying to humble myself to learn more about the word of god. this week i got back into the habit of reading 20 pages a day and it has helped me a lot this week and i feel myself being sucked back into them again. i really love the scriptures and in particular the Book of mormon. i love this Gospel!!! i love my savior Jesus Christ!!

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