Does this Mean More Handwritten Letters?

This Week was so good. i got the first four pages of the Fourth Missionary talk and it cut off right when i was interested to find the secret so i broke down and printed it off at the library here today. It cost a dollar but it was worth it haha. Anywho thats just the joys of serving a mission i guess huh?  today we are also just going to stay in our area since we dont want to travel or spend money anywhere. So you can get a letter from me finally. im really sorry im such a terrible missionary in the handwritten letter department. i hope you can still love me when all is said an done 🙂 anyways this week we didnt run into any wild people that claim to have jesus or heavenly mother at their church, although that lady called again and talked to me for 20 minutes about how much i need to join. i said that i couldnt join because i knew that the book of mormon was true and couldnt deny that. she said that she wasnt telling me to stop believing in the Book of Mormon but to beleive in their church and believe in the Book of Mormon as well. she just doesnt get it that i couldnt do that haha. but it was a good practice for my Korean phone skills. i was done talking to her after the first minute but kept talking just for practice. Yesterday elder Dooley gave a talk. There is a cartoon character whos name is dooly but its spelt the same in Korean, Its comparitive to Mickey mouse in America. So the ward and in partcular the primary loves elder Dooley so since transfer calls are tonight the ward thinks that elder Dooley will be getting the boot. Im not quite sure what will happen jsut yet cuz we have 12 people going home 15 coming in and going back to double Zone Leaders again so things could get tossed around. Either way its been a blast serving with elder Dooley and i know that he will be a great missionary. He still has off days but who doesnt, i do, but his desire is there and all god needs is a willing heart and contrite spirit. No big stories this week in the Teaching Department, still a bit of a struggle to find but we are trying harder and i am trying to repent of my lack of faith and do much better next transfer. i have learned a lot of invaluable lessons this transfer and im so glad for the Challenges that the Lord has sent my way. I know that it will be for my good. I love you and i love all the support you give me.
Elder Chapman

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