March Goodness!

This week was great from the sound of it. i hope that Timothy had a great week and that he was able to enjoy his birthday. Its definitely a goal of mine to make family videos when i get back. It was so fun to watch those and make those when we were younger, its almost wierd that with the increase in technology we have fallen away from that habit. Lauren sounds like she was a trooper this week. I only have to look out over my junior companion and he’s nineteen so its an easy job haha. I was reading this morning about the need for priesthood authority. We taught one of our investigators last week and talked about baptism by proper authority. It was a good lesson and i decided that i wanted to know more about the priesthood and why its so important and how we can identify it in the world today. We talked about in the lesson about the book of mormon and the importance of that book and how a testimony of that book would help to bring a realization of the priesthood power and that we too have that same power, which we can trace back to Christ himself. Could you send me my Priesthood line. I dont think i have every seen it all the way so it would be cool to use in a teaching situation i think. thanks. We met this other kid who wants to apply for BYU but isnt a member. He is really a fun situation because we ran into him twice on the street and the second time was when we were lost so it was cool. We met and helped him fill out his application and then set up an interview with our bishop. i texted him last night and he said it went well so i am excited to talk to our bishop and see how things went from his perspective. We will probably meet with him again and see if we can get him baptized before he goes to america, either way i think he will be baptized there. This week was good and i am looking forward to a really good week. We are going to visit members a lot more because i realized that they are going to be a better source for investigators rather than us street contacting all the time and waiting for them to give us referalls. We also need to visit the less active members a lot more and try and increase the activity rate in the church here. Desperately needed. I love you mom and i thank you for your example of a true Disciple. I read the Fourth missionary and i am trying to become that type of missionary now. i have a lot to do but i know that its possible. i love you

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