General Conference

Conference sounds amazing! I actually just read the first part because i havent watched it yet and i dont want to know what goes on beforehand, sorry buts it like know how a movie or book ends before you experience it yourself. This week was awesome. Elder Dooley and I really applied ourselves and set high goals. We doubled the ammount of lessons taught and found four new investigators. One of them is with us right now. we are going to paly basketball today with a bunch of elders. Anyway the other three are: an american who is teaching english here, his korean girlfriend, and then a referall from our high priest group leader. we met the American guy when we went to the park to play basketball, which is how we found our investigator we are with now. He was playing there and we got to talk to him and had a good time. Its amazing contacting people in english, i envy the american missionaries haha. But we scheduled him for lunch and he brought his korean girlfriend and she speaks english fluently so it was really fun. He is going to a church in incheon but we had a really good lunch and talked a lot about what we do as missionaries. It was a little less formal of a lesson but it was good mnone the less. We are going to try and meet up with them again soon. Lastly our fourth investigator this week was the referal. She is 31 and worked with our member. She doesnt really have a lot of knowledge about christianity even though she went to church when she was little. It was really good cuz our member was awesome and he shared some awesome insights without going off on tangents, exactly what every missionary dreams of. My korean was a little sloppy becuase i havent had a lot of teaching practice before this week but it doesnt matter. this was an awesome week and i am excited to push my vision and increase my commitment this next week. I love you so much and i think you for all your sacrifice and support. Oh last miracle, our recent convert that went to the military las week is back!! they didnt have any paperwork on him so they told him to go back and come again in 3 months. The best part is that he has read 12 chapters in the book of mormon and he is loving it. I know that this is a great time for him to gain a testimony of the book of mormon and of this church. thank you for putting his name in the temple. i love you all

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