Conference (continued)

I finally got to watch conference yesterday and saturday and i must say that is was amazing. It was exactly what i needed and it strengthened my testimony that we have a Father who loves us and wants all of us to hear what he wants us personally to know. i have a big list of things i want to start doing better and in order to not let those desires jsut slip away i am going to review these talks and the notes i have taken a lot over the next six months. I think that is just like memorizing korean words. at first you have it and then it goes away. then you memorize it later and it stays a little longer then you lose it again. each time you review it and memorize it and then use it, it stays. If you live the principle it becomes part of you. so i want start applying the lessons of conference immediately so that i can become a disciple of Christ. I really loved when it was pointed out that a Disciple comes from the same root word as Discipline. So in essence, a disciple is jsut disciplined in doing what christ as asked. I really liked that a lot. this week the weather of rain was my enemy. I hate the rain as a missionary, any other time its great. We tried to find people to talk to but it was very difficult. This week we are moving our focus on visiting the less actives and part members in our ward. We have a couple that we have visited a couple times and i think that they should be the focuses of our work. I will take dads advice and marry lauren. I have made it a goal of mine based upon the counsel of President monson and Elder Scott. But i got owrk to do now so she’ll have to wait 🙂 i really feel myself starting to rise in my devotion of this work and its exciting. I want to give myself to the lord more and more each day. I know that as i do it my nature will be changed. This upcoming week we are going to try and get this kid baptized before he goes to the army but i dont want him to just get baptized, i want him to be converted, please pray for him and put his name in the temple. jae kyun im. He really needs a testimony, pray that he will read the book of mormon and find that testimony. I love you mom and im so thankful for your example of temple service. i can wait to follow your example when i return. I want to go ever week with lauren and make that a lifetime habit. i love you so much!
Travis Chapman

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