The Temple Is Amazing

We just got dont with the temple a little while ago and it was really amazing. it feels like forever since we were able to got since we went at the beginning of last transfer. It was so beautiful and i was able to see the coolest man in the world, a member from my first area who is in the temple presidency. he brightens my day. But the temple really is amazing. i feel so good right now and i feel a lot more sensitive to the spirit right now. I wish i could have this feeling all the time and thats something i am going to try and keep. Speaking of sacrament bread i read the article in the liahona about that woman that always does that in argentina. THat cool. I also enjoyed Elder McConkies talk about the atonement. Its one of my favorites and it hit home with me. This last week was pretty bad to be quite honest but yesterday made it all better. I went on echanges with the zone leader elder sung. He is an amazing elder who you can tell has really given of himself to the lord. I went up to his area and it was really good. I learned a lot that i am going to start applying with elder Dooley. Elder Dooley has been getting depressed and down because of the area. He doesnt feel like there can be miracles in the area from talking to people on the streets because there arent a lot of people on the street. ITs in part my fault because i havent been a very good example to him in my faith but i am going to change that. Elder sung was telling me that there is a point in everyones mission where they figure out the missionary that they want to become based on the challenges that come their way. This is the point in my mission and i have decieded that i am not going to be that missionary that just folds and quits but im going to overcome and become that servant that the lord is trying to make of me. There really arent any huge things that happened last week but i feel so grateful to have learned so much this week. This next week i think is going to be a lot better. Oh by the way i want to give you a name to put in the temple. he is a recent convert that just started his two year required military service which is very challenging so i want to give him some help. Hyang Joon Bek is his name so pray for him and put his name in the temple please. THank you for all of your love and support! 🙂

Love your missionary, Elder Chapman

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