Weeks really tallying up!

Wow i didnt know that President Haynie is going to be an area seventy, i guess shame on me for not listening to all the names that President Utchdorf read off :/ Either way i think that he was an awesome Stake president. I guess ill have a new stake president and probably Bishop when i get back.

I cant believe how fast these weeks are tallying up. I was just thinking the other day as we approach the end of another transfer how
next transfer i will hit my year mark as a missionary!!! Its so crazy to think that is been that long already. I hope i have learned
something in that time. Im not quite sure if i have since im around myself all the time, but i hope i have. This week was pretty cool,
mostly because of yesterday. We had a bumpy start to the week and for me i felt bad because i have all these goals to improve and it seemed like i tripped out of the gate. but dont worry it was only a slight stumble, they happen every once in awhile. The rest of the week got better and capitalized on sunday at church. We have a family which is a combination of two families from seperate marriages. The father got baptized last october and the mother and her kids were all members. yesterday the father brought his kids from a different mariage and referred them to us. Does that make sense? Either way the end result is that we are going to be having a baptism on the 30th for these two kids in the family. The daughter is 13 and the son is 9 so we are going to teach them the lessons the next two weeks and prepare to baptize them on the 30th. im pretty excited because this is going to complete this family and put them on the road to being sealed together. Its a great step. The father had a little trouble a while ago about church and stuff but lately, due to the faithfulness of his wife, he is doing a lot better. I am excited for the future – I know that the lord will bless our family as we are faithful to him and to his commandments. I have been studying a lot on faith lately and i am really starting to realize that the lord will sometimes make us wait things out to either call us to repent and have stronger faith or test the patience of our faith. I think he has done a lot of both to me during my mission and i need to humbly myself often and let him know that i cannot do this work of his alone and i have had to repent often and put my faith in him. I feel so much happier as i have really gone to work. When i was a young missionary (it feels weird to say that) i really hated talking to people on the streets for hours, but now i really love it. i think a lot of that has to do with the language but i really have grown a love for the people of korea and felt that love drive me to bring them this gospel. I love serving here and i hope to learn so much more in my time in korea and help the lord in anyway he will have me help. I love you and i am so thankful everyday for the effort and faith that you
put in to help me come on a mission.

Love Elder Chapman

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