About Todd

You can contact Todd by Email or Letter
Email Address: todd.chapman@myldsmail.net
Mailing Address:
Seoul Mission
Jong Ro-Gu
Gwang Hawa-Muh
119-62 P.O. Box #210
South Korea

Todd was born on April 19, 1991 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the 9th child of 13.  Todd has 5 brothers that have preceded him on missions. Ryan served in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Kyle served ib Monterrey, Mexico, Trent was assigned to Vera Cruz, Mexico while Sean was called  to serve in Lima, Peru but because of Visa problems ended up being reassigned to the Morristown, New Jersey Mission. Todd is continuing the tradition and example for his younger 3 brothers and little sister.
Todd has always loved sports and enjoys basketball, football, and volleyball. He was considering a career as a fireman after taking Fire Tech for two years in High School but since had been reconsidering his decision. He is a hard worker and learns quickly. He will be an awesome missionary. Todd is always kind and loving especially to his younger siblings and nieces and nephews. He would always pick up the babies, play with the toddlers and talk with the older children. He loves life and especially the power of the atonement in helping people change their lives. Todd worked to complete his Eagle project toward the end of his Senior year and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. He has a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and will give everything to building Gods kingdom here on earth.

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